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Community News

From September 2009 Issue

Free Noontime Organ Concerts Resume at Thomas Circle

Fri., Sep. 11 (12:15pm): The 26th season of the weekly MUSIC AT MIDDAY free, 45-minute lunch hour concerts in the magnificent, historic John Pope-designed sanctuary of the National City Christian Church on Thomas Circle gets underway with a program featuring these outstanding organists performing on the awesome, 7,000-pipe Moller Pipe Organ: the church’s Minister of Music Charles Miller (9/11); Charles Pugh, Good Shepherd Lutheran, Gaithersburg (9/18); Julie Vidrick Evans, Chevy Chase Presbyterian, Washington, DC (9/25); Robert McCormick, St. Paul’s Episcopal, K Street, NW (10/2). For more info, call 202-797-0103

“Rally for Recovery” Set for Meridian Hill Park

Sat., Sep. 12 (noon-3pm): The Washington area recovery community will celebrate and share its sustained recovery from alcohol and other drug disorders with a RALLY & RECOVERY FAIR in Meridian Hill Park (16th & W Sts. at Fla. Ave.). Organized by the DC Recovery Community Alliance, “Rally for Recovery” will feature musical acts and recovery stories and will offer information from local service providers. All who need or who support recovery are welcome. For more info, contact Rob Fleming at (202)797-2388 or visit

Adams Morgan Day Ferstival Set

Sun. Sep. 13 (noon-7pm): Great weather is expected for Adams Morgan Day. This year’s annual FESTIVAL – the 31st – will, as customary. feature terrific live music stages.  Arts on Belmont will open early, at 10 am, with all original artisans. The Kid’s Area and the interactive Dance Plaza will be on the at Marie Reed School grounds. Experience the  Jazz Oasis in Kalorama Park with quality jazz in a relaxed setting and the Cultural Plaza at Unity Park. New this year will be the Green Pavilion featuring products & services under one big tent. Check out the local shops and restaurants on one side of 18th Street and the international vendors on the other side. And enjoy the wide variety of foods being presented by the vendors. Hosted by Adams Morgan Main Street, come celebrate a Global Community of Diverse Cultures,” the festival once again will bring many cultures together. For more info, visit

16th Street’s Universalist Church Announces Homecoming & Picnic

Sun., Sep. 13 (11am): The Universalist National Memorial Church (16th & S Sts.) will be having a “Rally Day Homecoming” to which the public is invited. The event will commence with the 11 am worship service to be followed by a JAZZ PICNIC on the church’s expansive front lawn. “Luci Murphy and Friends” will be performing and a free lemonade stand will be set-up on the sidewalk. The church is a liberal Christian congregation that is a member of the Unitarian Universalist Association. For more info, visit or call (202)-387-3411.

Workshop for Tenants Living in Foreclosed Apartment Buildings & Houses

Thu., Sep. 17 (6pm): Housing Counseling Services (2410 17th St. – Suite 100) a HUD-approved non-profit agency, will hold a FREE EDUCATIONAL WORKSHOP for DC tenants living in foreclosed homes and apartments. District law provides protections to tenants whose landlords have lost their properties to foreclosure. For persons in this situation this will be an opportunity to learn about their rights and responsibilities so as to better be able to make an informed decisions about their housing situation. For more info, call Natalie Lebeau at (202) 667-7425.

Free Citywide Walking Tours Announced

Sat. & Sun., Sep. 19 & 20: Cultural Tourism DC will be hosting another of its twice-yearly “WalkingTown DC” events featuring  FREE WALKING TOURS in all parts of the city. The tours will be conducted by professional guides, community leaders, and knowledgeable neighborhood residents who will be donating their time and expertise. A complete schedule of all the free tours, along with meeting places, times, and tour lengths is available by visiting Browse the on-line schedule, pick your favorites, and join the group at the specified time and place. Bike tours and some of the walking tours will require advance reservations, and those are so designated. For more info or to request a brochure, call (202) 661-7581.

Mt. Pleasant Neighborhood Day of Fun Set

Sat., Sep. 26 (9am-dark): Mount Pleasant Main Street will be presenting a wide ranging day of community fun, starting at 9 am with FOOD TASTINGS, coupons, gift certificates and prizes at the Lamont Street Park farmer’s market at 17th Street until 1 pm. But, there’s more: all day long neighborhood businesses will hold a SIDEWALK SALE, punctuated by live music performances, urban gardening demonstrations, and more. The day’s fun will conclude with a free, outdoor MOVIE screening, starting at dusk, the feature documentary King Corn; activities related to the movie will start at 6 pm. Rain date, next day, Sun., the 27th. For more info, visit

Book & Bake Sale Benefit for So Other Might Eat

Sat., Oct. 3 (9am-3pm): The First Baptist Church of the City of Washington will be hosting a COMMUNITY FAIR in the church parking lot (17th & Church Sts.) featuring a book and bake sale to benefit So Others Might Eat and Bread for the City. Other participants will include Homeward Trails Animal Rescue, which will have an adoption van on site; the American Red Cross; Petals for the People, a flower service; and First Baptist’s Child Development Center, which will host a sale of children’s toys. For more info, call 387.2206.


Reported for August 1-24 2009

Adams, unit blk.: man who had stopped his car so as to look at a street map approached by 2 others who robbed him at gunpoint [11:15pm, Sun., 8/23]

Argonne & Harvard: man waiting for bus robbed at gunpoint by 2 others [11:15pm, Sat., 8/22]

Calif., 1700 blk.: man assaulted & robbed of wallet & iPhone by several boys [4am, Sun., 8/2]

Calvert, 1900 blk.: man & woman approached by 2 persons, one of whom attempted but failed to snatch woman’s purse [2:15am, Sat., 8/15]

Calvert, 2100 blk.: man assaulted by 2 others who grabbed him from behind & robbed him [1am, Sun., 8/23]

Columbia & Georgia: man attacked & robbed of wallet by 2 others [3:30am, Mon., 8/3]

Columbia & Sherman: woman waiting for bus by 2 men on a scooter who assaulted & robbed her of her purse [7am, Fri., 8/21]

Columbia, 600 blk.: man who was at his front door accosted from behind by 2 others, one of whom grabbed on his backpack causing him to fall , was then assaulted & robbed [1:15am, Mon., 8/24]

Euclid, 1600 blk.: woman’s purse snatched by man who first screamed at her & then fled in a car [10:45pm, Sun., 8/16]

Euclid & Ontario: man’s vehicle carjacked at gunpoint by 2 me n who drove of in it [3:30am, Sat., 8/1]

Euclid, 1700 blk.: man robbed by 2 others, one of whom had his hand under his shirt as if he had a gun [3:30am, Sun., 8/16]

Flagler, 2000 blk.: man accosted by another stating he had a gun but was chased off when his intended victim lunged at him and was chased by the man and a witness, though he got away [12:15am, Fri., 8/7]

Georgia & Quincy: person assaulted & robbed by several others [9:15pm, Sat., 8/8]

Gresham, 500 blk.: woman sitting on her porch approached by 2 teenage boys who sprayed her with a chemical & robbed her of her purse [10pm, Mon., 8/3]

Harvard & Lanier: man struck in the face by another with an unknown object, knocked unconscious & robbed [1:45am, Sat., 8/8]

Harvard, 1600 blk.: woman approached by man with 2 girls, one of whom asked to use the woman’s cell phone & after she let the girl have it she was beaten, though the phone was recovered when it was dropped as they were leaving the scene in a car [10:30pm, Sun., 8/16]

Holmead & Park: man assaulted & robbed by several others who approached riding bicycles [5am, Fri., 8/17]

Irving, 1200 blk.: man sitting on his porch approached by several others asking for cash, whereupon one of them struck him on the back of his head with a brick while the others assaulted & robbed him [2am, Sun., 8/16]

Irving, 1400 blk. (alley): man attacked & robbed by 2 others [4:30pm, Mon., 8/3]

Kalorama, 1700 blk.: 2 persons approached by 2 men who snatched woman’s purse [3:45am, Sun., 8/9]

Kilbourne, 1700 blk. (alley): man robbed at knifepoint by another who had gotten out of a vehicle that first stopped with the driver aiming a long-barrel gun at him [1:45am, Sun., 8/2]

Kilbourne, 1800 blk.: woman’s purse & groceries snatched as she was preparing to enter her residence [1pm, Mon., 8/10]

Kenyon, 1300 blk.: man with bicycle who saw several others walking toward him immediately entered his apartment building with the bicycle but was followed inside by those men, one of whom grabbed him while the others took the bicycle from him [8:30pm, Mon., 8/24]

Lanier, 1700 blk.: man assaulted & robbed by 3 others [1:45am, Sat., 8/15]

Meridian, 1400 blk.: man tackled by another & then robbed of jewelry at gunpoint [12:15am, Thu., 8/13]

N, 600 blk.: man robbed at gunpoint by 2 others who then fled in car [12mid, Sun., 8/16]

O, 1500 blk.: woman assaulted & robbed [1:45am, Sat., 8/8]

Oak, 1400 blk.: man assaulted & robbed by several others [9pm, Mon., 8/17]

Ogden, 1400 blk.: 2 men robbed of wallets at gunpoint by several others [1:15pm, Mon., 8/24]

Old Morgan School (Pl.): 2 men robbed of wallets by 3 others [1:30am, Wed., 9/19]

Ontario, 2700 blk.: woman’s purse snatched [12mid, Tue., 8/25]

Otis, 800 blk.: man who was getting out of his car accosted by 3 others & robbed, whereupon they drove off in his car [1am, Tue., 8/25]

Park, 500 blk.: man assaulted by 2 others, knocked down as he started to flee & was robbed [4:15pm, Tue., 8/11]

Q, 400 blk.: person assaulted & robbed [4:30am, Sun., 8/9]

Q, 1600 blk.: woman’s purse snatched by man who rode past on bicycle [7:15pm, Tue., 8/25]

Quarry, 2700 blk.: woman accosted by man who robbed her of purse [5am, Sun., 8/23]

R, 1300 blk.: woman robbed of her purse following being stopped by man & woman to ask a question, whereupon she was sprayed with a chemical & knocked down during a struggle [9:15pm, Mon., 8/3]

R, 1800 blk.: woman approached by 2 men demanding her purse which they then snatched from her [8pm, Mon, 8/10]

Randolph, 700 blk.: man robbed by 3 others of backpack & iPod [9:30pm, Tue., 8/11]

S, 600 blk.: woman accosted by 2 men, one of whom had his hand on his waistband as if he had a gun, demanded her bag & then assaulted when she refused but even though the other man tried to take it from her he failed & both fled [10pm, Mon, 8/24]

S, 700 blk.: man attacked by another, knocked to the ground & robbed [3:15am, Sat., 8/1]

Seaton, unit blk.: 2 persons standing in front of their residence attacked by 4 men who robbed woman of her purse [2am, Sat., 8/1]

Spring, 1400 blk.: man robbed at gunpoint by 2 others [12:15am, Sat., 8/15]

Swann, 1700 blk.: man robbed at gunpoint by 2 others just after he had parked his car [4am, Sat., 8/15]

U, 100 blk.: food deliveryman robbed at gunpoint by 3 men [10:15pm, Thu., 8/6]

Woodley (Pl.). 2600 blk.: man threatened & robbed of wallet by 2 others [2:30am, Sun., 8/1]

Woodley (Pl.). 2600 blk.: 2 persons approached by 2 boys who demanded their property, at moment they were surrounded by 3 men who assaulted them after taking cellphone [3:30pm, Sun., 8/16]

1st (Pl.), 1100 blk.: person robbed at gunpoint by 3 men [7am, Fri., 8.8]

1st (St.), 2300 blk.: car that was stopped at traffic light approached by 2 men who ordered the driver & passenger to get out, whereupon they got in & drove off (car recovered an hour later not far from the carjacking scene) [1:45am, Fri., 8/7]

7th & N: man assaulted & robbed by 2 others of cellphone & one shoe (one later arrested & cellphone recovered) [2:45pm, Sun., 8/9]

7th, 1800 blk.: man assaulted & robbed by 3 others [4:45am, Sat., 8/8]

7th, 1800 blk.: man assaulted & robbed by another [10:45am, Sun., 8/9]

11th, 1200 blk.: man accosted by 2 others who first attempted to rob him & then stabbed him in the neck before fleeing [8:30pm, Wed., 8/5]

11th, 3400 blk.: man attacked & robbed of wallet by 2 others [6am, Wed., 8/5]

13th & Clifton: man walking his dog accosted by 2 others, one of whom pulled a knife & grabbed the dog; both fled but dog subsequently recovered [7:15pm, Mon., 8/24]

14th, 1400 blk.: man robbed at gunpoint of wallet & bag [11:45pm, Sun., 8/9]

14th, 1400 blk.: person assaulted & robbed by 2 boys [1:45am, Mon, 8/17]

14th, 3600 blk.: man robbed at gunpoint by 3 others & then struck by both with their guns [12noon, Sat., 8/15]

16th, 1700 blk. (rear): man on his scooter surrounded by 3 others on bicycles, one of whom pulled a gun as another struck him on his head with an unknown object causing him to fall of the scooter [1:30 pm, Mon., 8/10]

16th, 1700 blk.: man approached & robbed at gunpoint while taking out his trash [1:45pm, Mon., 8/10]

16th & Oak: man assaulted & robbed of wallet & cellphone by several others who approached riding bicycles [6am, Fri., 8/21]

17th, 1700 blk.: man approached from behind by another riding bicycle who demanded his bag & when he did not comply a struggle ensued until an accomplice appeared, whereupon he complied [5am, Mon., 8/24]

18th & Church: woman’s cellphone grabbed from her in St. Thomas’ Parish public garden by man who had first started a conversation with her (arrest subsequently made) [1:30pm, Mon., 8/3]

18th, 2200 blk.: man bumped into by 2 teens who asked for cash, then punched him in the face & robbed him of wallet [1am, Sat., 8/8]

19th, 1700 blk.: woman robbed at knifepoint by man of purse as she was preparing to enter her house [12:30am, Fri., 8/7]

20th, 2400 blk.: woman’s purse snatched by 2 men but as then dropped when they were chased by a witness [2:15am, Sat., 8/15]

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