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From the Publisher's Desk

By P.L. Wolff

Is DC Prepared for Federal Funding Cutbacks?

Back on December 2nd we came across a story in the New York Times with the very disturbing headline, "Fearing Loss of U.S. Money Under Trump, New York Begins Urgent Review." Disturbing on a number of fronts, first because of its mention about Trump and sanctuary cities (ours is one ...

A Welcome Ruling by DC’s Appeals Court Puts to Rest DC Officials’ Views that Residents Are Wrong

Trump is Big on the Urgency to Fix Infrastructure; When he Pushes for This Will Metro be Included?

Again we Urge, Vote for Evans: Here’s Why

Why do Bureaucrats Insist they Can’t be Wrong?

Do Republicans Have a Point About Over-Regulation Killing Business?

Pepco-Exelon Merger Visited Once Again

A Fond Farewell to Our Friend La Fourchette

Why We Support Ward 2’s Jack Evans

Pepco-Exelon: the Zombie That Will Eat Us Ratepayers