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What Once Was

by Stephen A. Hansen*

Franklin House: Home of Peggy O’Neale

In 1794, William O’Neale, a native of County Ulster, Ireland, moved from Chester County, Pennsylvania, to open a stone quarry at Mount Vernon and one along the western boundary of the newly established District of Columbia to provide freestone for Washington’s new public buildings. It was grueling work, not only ...

The Site of the Russian Trade Representative

The Fosters: Three Generations of Secretaries of State

A Slave Owner Once Lived in Kalorama Park

What Does the “Washington Post March” Have to Do With the Embassy of Peru?

St. Thomas’ Parish

An Endangered Synagogue Mural in the Mount Vernon Neighborhood

The Force School: Alma Mater to Presidents’ Son, a Count, and a World-Famous Aviator

The Galts and Galts of Dupont Circle

Alice Pike Barney’s Studio House on Sheridan Circle

*Stephen A. Hansen is an historic preservation specialist, Washington, DC historian, and principal at DC Historic Designs, LLC. He also authors the blog Virtual Architectural Archaeology.