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What Once Was

Commandeered Housing in WWI Washington, DC: A Federal Landlording Nightmare

To view images full size & high resolution, left click on each By Matthew B. Gilmore A startling (if cryptic) heading appears in the April 27, 1918 Washington Herald, “May oust tenants from District Homes.” Legislation then pending in Congress, known as the Swanson housing bill (sponsored by Senator Claude A. Swanson ...

Merry Christmas, Washington: Evolution of the Holiday in the Nation’s Capital

One Last Tempo: Liberty Loan Building

1845—Washington’s First Thanksgiving

Washington’s Lost Month: the 1918-19 Spanish Influenza Epidemic in the District of Columbia

Naming Names: Washington’s Neighborhoods

Where did Washington DC’s 1950 Population of 800,000 Live?

Washington’s First Bicycle Craze: ‘Cycling in the 1880s and 1890s

Architecture of an Asylum: St. Elizabeths 1852-2017

News for the Community: Origins of Washington’s Neighborhood Newspaper Tradition