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What Once Was

New Yorkers Transform How Washingtonians Live: Washington’s 19th Century Apartment Revolution

To view images full size & high resolution, left click on each By Matthew B. Gilmore* [Editor's Note: All address referenced in this article are located in the city's Northwest quadrant, hence the omission of repetitive use of the customary 'NW' designation.] In May of 1880 Congressman Fernando Wood, former mayor of New ...

Mrs. Cole’s Bay Window: Parking, streets, trees, projections, and the Secretary of War

The Bridge a Traffic Jam Built: Arlington Memorial Bridge

Enterprise over Washington: Airship history at the Nation’s Capital

Honk that Horn — Go to Jail: Evolution of Noise Regulation in Washington, DC

“High-handed usurpation and outrage”: The End of Washington City Canal

“Dignified, restrained, and well-proportioned”: the Making of the District of Columbia Municipal Building

Washington’s Lincoln: The First Monument to the Martyred President

DC Prisoners on the Hudson: Abraham Lincoln, Amos Pilsbury, and the Albany Penitentiary

The YMCA in Washington: Shifting With the Times