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As we were going to press we couldn’t help but contemplate the truly troubling apparent lack of uproar by our local political leaders –- as distinct from our alert Congressional Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton who is actively on the case — and the general public over a monstrosity of a bill recently introduced in both the Senate and the House, the brainchild of Senators John McCain (R-Ariz.), Jon Tester (D-Mont.) –- an NRA flunky, as two of our loyal readers mentioned to us; guess this makes the bill “acceptable” thanks to it being “bi-partisan” — and Congressman Travis Childers (D-Miss.) –- another NRA handmaiden — that if enacted would mandate, among other things, the following requirements for our city and us residents:

■ That DC residents be allowed to carry concealed weapons;

■ That the carrying of guns, openly or concealed, be allowed (and while the city would be permitted to regulate it would not be able to prohibit);

■ Repeals DC’s ban on assault weapons, including .50-caliber rifles;

■ Prohibits residential and commercial property owners from banning tenants from having guns on their property (we will still be allowed to write leases banning pets and loud music but not firearms and live ammo in and on our own private property);

■ Bars DC from prohibiting guns in city-owned and controlled buildings and facilities that do not have certain security measures in place (this includes schools, rec centers, and even public housing);

■ Repeals DC’s ban on large capacity ammunition feeding magazines;

■ Repeals DC’s gun registration requirements;

■ Repeals DC’s limitation on the number of handguns that can be purchased per month;

■ Repeals DC’s 10-day waiting period to buy handguns and rifles (only a 48-hour waiting period for handguns only would be allowed);.

■ Repeals DC’s categories of prohibited possessors (for example, a person who had been voluntarily committed to a mental institution would be able purchase a gun);

■ Would allow for sales between individuals without a requirement for background checks;

■ Repeals DC’s requirement of micro-stamping of semiautomatic weapons and handguns.

■ Repeals DC’s requirement of ballistics testing for handguns.

■ Reduces penalties if a child is injured by a negligently stored gun.

We have not listed all the abominations in these bills but only the worst. It is astounding that “law and order” members of Congress are actually promoting legislation that would set in motion an open season whereby all citizens, visitors, government officials –- even Republican members of Congress –- would be at the mercy of marauding gangs armed to the teeth. Yes, gangs. One has only to peruse the street crimes feature on this newspaper’s website (which doesn’t even cover the entire city but just the area in Northwest that we report about) to realize the increased carnage that would ensue.

And, what’s this business about enacting a provision that would mandate how private citizens will be able to control what happens on their property. One of the strongest mantras  of conservatives is the sanctity of private property, yet here this threesome would in effect inject The State into our private domains just like the “Commies,” against whom they railed for years and years, were doing the very same thing. Are they nuts?

Further, notice how unconcerned they are about the safety of children by the cavalier manner in which they would have The State permit gun-wielding kooks from hanging out around the schools and on playing fields. No wonder the police are appalled –- and not just by this provision but also by the prohibition for micro-stamping, ballistics testing and other measures that have been designed to aid in tracking down the purchasers of weapons used in the commission of crimes.

If Keith Olbermann of MSNBC’s “Countdown” program needs three idiots to dub “Worst Persons in the World” – one of his nightly asides –- then he need look no further than the McCain/Tester/Childers threesome. Shame on them –- and shame on any member of either the Senate or House who might support them in this crazed move.