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Archive for January, 2011

When Dupont West Was the Center of Equestrian Pursuits

By Paul Kelsey Williams* Images accompanying this feature can be viewed in the current issue PDF For nearly 50 years, the Washington Riding Academy stood on the south side of the 2200 block of P Street. NW, at the foot of the P Street bridge, offering easy access to horse riders into Rock Creek Park. […]

Saved from the “Two-Headed Serpent”: The Curious History of Coriander — Part I

Once dubbed the “stinking herbe,” coriander has fallen into and out of favor. Native to the Mediterranean, the herb, both its tangy leaves and earthy, citric seeds, has attracted flavor seekers from Asia to Latin America. Coriander, whose seeds were unearthed in the tomb of the Egyptian Pharaoh Tut-ankh-Amon’s tomb (perhaps an offering), is an […]

Revisiting the Past = Floriana

Admittedly, it’s been nine years since a friend and I settled into comfortable chairs in Floriana Mercury Grill — now just known as Floriana — on Dupont Circle’s 17th Street corridor. In fact, I logged into my first dinner there in 1996 — then the predecessor establishment known as Mercury Grill, reporting then to The […]


As we have previously commented, while city government can’t assume the role of the military or other branches of the federal government, it certainly can do a far better job in preparing citizens to deal with the aftermath of a terrorist attack. The question eight years later is not only whether we are better prepared […]

New State-of-the-Art Library in Tenleytown to Open Late January

By Anthony L. Harvey Images accompanying this news story can be viewed in the current issue PDF The public library as an open book — with access free to all regardless of race, color, creed, or economic status — is one of America’s finest civic sector achievements. Founded in the late 19th century, the public […]

Historic Toutorsky Mansion Zoning Change Sought for Diplomatic Use

By Anthony L. Harvey Images accompanying this news story can be viewed in the current issue PDF A blustery winter evening, complete with gusts of falling wet snow, found members of the Dupont Circle Conservancy at its January monthly meeting in a chilly church parlor gathered to hear applicants for historic structure renovations and alterations […]

Trio Restaurant Misses One of its Giant Nutcrackers

By Jonah Ghile Images accompanying this news story can be viewed in the current issue PDF In its 60th year on the corner of 17th and Q Streets, NW, The Trio restaurant, famous for its at-home-like atmosphere, was subject to a theft on New Year’s Eve of one of its pair of oversized nutcrackers that […]

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