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Prepared for by Realtor Jo Ricks / Reporting Period: September 2011

SINGLE FAMILY HOUSES (51) [condo & co-op listings follow] 32 Bryant St. $765,000 1513 Corcoran St. $1,000,000 1326 Fairmont St. $949,500 923 French St $690,000 3541 Holmead Pl. $429,000 420 Irving St. $426,500 1338 Irving St. $810,000 428 Kenyon St. $295,000 628 Kenyon St. $332,000 1742 Kenyon St. $899,000 1517 Kingman Pl. $960,000 2026 Klingle […]

“Sweet Wood”: Cinnamon – Part II

Part I of this essay explored the ancient lore of cinnamon and cassia, its sister spice. The tiny island of Ceylon, with its treasure trove of wild cinnamon, beckoned to the Portuguese empire builders. Control of Serandîb, as the Arabs called it, would give the Iberians a monopoly of the luxury spice. The island’s bark, […]

Restaurant Review: Estadio

For at least a year, local foodies have made a very big fuss over a Logan Circle restaurant by the name of Estadio — or stadium, in Spanish. While it in no way resembles a sports arena, or even any building that is remotely rugged, it does present for potential patrons a certain challenge: How […]

Luxury Apartment Building in Mt. Pleasant: From Opulence to Slum to Restored for 21st Century Living

By Paul Kelsey Williams* Accompanying images can be viewed in the current issue PDF The Kenesaw Apartment building was built beginning in April of 1905 on a prominent triangular site atop a significant elevation at the corner of 16th and Irving Streets that allowed tremendous views of the city for its early inhabitants. It took […]

From November 2011 Issue / December issue to post on the 9th


”Adams Morgan Businesses Feeling Pain from Construction,” reads the headline of a November 6th news story posted on the Washington Post’s website. For us and the residents and business owners in Adams Morgan and anyone who has been on the neighborhood’s commercial strip along 18th Street this past summer and fall, this is hardly news. […]

Proposed Design for 16th Street Complex to Replace Existing Brutalist-Style Third Church Christ, Scientist Near White House Well-Received by Dupont Circle ANC

By Anthony L. Harvey Dramatically rendered architectural concept drawings for the construction of a large office building complex at 910 16th Street, one which included three floors for the Third Church of Christ, Scientist’s new gathering space for its congregation and reading room facilities, received enthusiastic endorsement from the Dupont Circle Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) […]

Logan Circle House Tour to Showcase the Area’s Restoration and Renewal

By Bill Smith*   Accompanying images can be viewed in the current issue PDF The Logan Circle Community Association (LCCA) invites DC area residents to attend its 33rd annual Holiday House Tour on Sunday, December 4th from 1 to 5 p.m. This year’s theme, “Restoration & Renewal,” reflects the revitalization of the Logan Circle neighborhood and […]

Purchase of Logan Circle’s Norwood Apartments by Tenants After More Than Five-Year Effort Celebrated

Accompanying images can be viewed in the November 2011 issue PDF By Anthony L. Harvey Victory celebrations for middle income and working class tenant associations in the District of Columbia are classically few and far between; economic forces are generally overpoweringly unequal between tenants, even if well organized, and their adversaries — typically the buildings’ […]

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