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Imaginative New & Beautiful Electronic Music Compositions Performed in Dupont East

Sun., Feb. 26 (3:30pm): The “Music with the Angels” series concert on Sunday afternoon, February 26, 2012  at the Church of the Holy City (16th & Corcoran Sts., NW) was enthusiastically received by an audience treated to a performance by University of Virginia-trained local composer and pianist Elliott Grabill who presented a program featuring, in his words, “old and new works by me.”

Included on the program was Katharos, a new piano work for four hands in which he was joined by pianist Mila Naumova. There was also the hauntingly beautiful Uriel for voice and electronics in which local tenor Terry Johns, who specializes in Renaissance and modern choral music,  sang into a microphone with his fine voice being imaginatively electronically looped by Grabill using a keyboard controller. Other works included After the Storms, Kings Highway/Stillwell Ave., and the elegant third movement of Pranayama —  all musically and visually compelling multimedia works created in collaboration with his father, Vin Grabill, a video artist and professor at the University of Maryland Baltimore County. Of King’s Highway the composer has written that this work, premiered in Washington in October of 2010, was inspired by his “feeling sad about leaving New York City to move to Washington, DC [and] from a dreary day in February when, visiting Brooklyn, I felt that everything had gone on without me.”

Overall, this was a wonderful hour-and-a-half for those hungry for opportunities to experience the avant garde — opportunities too few in Washington. Other performance venues, like The Phillips Collection, should follow the example of the Church of the Holy City’s concert series. For more information about this highly creative artist, visit his website at (