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Mid-Afternoon Gunshots Rang Out at 17th & Corcoran Sts., NW – Sat., July 14

One of two painters (both brothers) who had been working in the apartment above the Cairo Wine & Liquor shot in the leg just outside the entrance to the apartment by one of two juveniles who, having observed the painters going in and out, had entered and confronted them on the second floor, robbed them and immediately were chased outside where the shooting occurred, causing instant chaos on the busy 17th Street strip teaming with shoppers and neighbors enjoying the sidewalk cafés.

According to an employee of a store across the street who was outside taking a break, the man who was shot and the other painter chased the the juvenile past the Safeway to the alley where he turned in and ran west followed by the one not injured while the injured man fired two gunshots into the air and then made his way back to outside the liquor store.

The witness told The InTowner that the man running after the juvenile returned to the scene and she overheard him tell an officer where the juvenile had fled, following which the police were able to apprehend and return him to the scene by which time the intersection was filled with 10 police cars and a dozen or more officers looking for shell casings and detectives interviewing. The second juvenile was not apprehended. {8/2/12 editor’s note: as of August 1st, that juvenile had still not been apprehended.]

As for the man who had been shot, after making his way back to the front of the liquor store, according to another witness, Bryan Goodman of Logan Circle, he was seen being assisted by one of the Cairo’s employees who had come outside and who kicked the man’s gun away from him until the police arrived.

[posted at 5:30pm, 7/14/12]