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Prepared for by Jo Ricks / Reporting Period: June 2013

The area covered by these listings is bounded by Rock Creek on the west, Upshur Street on the north, North Capitol Street on the east, and Massachusetts Avenue/M Street on the south. SINGLE FAMILY HOUSES (55) [condo & co-op listings follow] 146 Adams St. $750,000 1517 Caroline St. $797,500 756 Columbia Rd. $440,000 2206 Decatur […]

From August 2013 Issue / Sep. issue to post on the 13th

17th Street Liquor Moratorium on Dupont Circle ANC Agenda; Final Action Expected

Wed., Aug. 14 (7pm): The Dupont Circle ANC will be holding its regular monthly meeting at the Brookings Institution (1775 Mass. Ave., NW,). Among the items on the substantive agenda most likely to be of major importance to residents will be action on its ABRA Policy Committee’s proposal for petitioning the Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) […]

Technology for Older Adults to be Focus of Dupont Circle Village Program

Mon., Aug. 26 (3:30-5pm): The Dupont Circle Village will be hosting another of its monthly Live and Learn Seminar programs, open to the public, this month in the conference room at the General Federation of Women’s Clubs (1734 N St., NW). For reservations, contact Linda Harsh, (202) 234-2567, or by email to [email protected] The talk […]

Public Now Being Introduced to Various Options Proposed to Amend 1910 Height Act to Allow for Taller Buildings; Developers Would be Winners

Accompanying images can be viewed in the August 2013 issue PDF By Anthony L. Harvey Those hoping for a city beautiful-style presentation and celebration of the District’s venerable 1910 Height Act, the federal statute that has served to control building height nearly all of the time since its enactment and ensure a continuance of L’Enfant’s […]

Annual Adams Morgan Day Festival Plans Complete; Set for September 8

Accompanying images can be viewed in the August 2013 issue PDF By Jackson Carnes* Right around the corner is the 35th Annual Adams Morgan Day Festival. It’s on Sunday, September 8, from 10am-7pm. Locals and visitors will have a plethora of diverse offerings to choose from: six stages with live music, performances, and dance acts […]

A New “King of Instruments” Coming to the Neighborhood; First Baptist Church Organ Soon to be Heard

Accompanying images can be viewed on page 1 of the August 2013 issue PDF By Lawrence (Lon) P. Schreiber* First Baptist Church, located one block north of Scott Circle at 16th and O Streets, NW, built its magnificent Neo-Gothic sanctuary in 1955, replete with breathtaking stained glass windows, among the finest to be found in […]

The “Butter Pear”: The Mysterious Avocado

We had to be taught to eat and enjoy the once-exotic food. The avocado, the ancient fruit so vital to the indigenous peoples of the Americas, is eaten by most of us as a party dip or restaurant appetizer. Most of the guacamole we scarf down is consumed during our annual bacchanals, the Super Bowl […]

Restaurant Review ~ Meiwah / Friendship Heights (Maryland)

Of all the restaurants that the city has to offer, perhaps the most intriguing — at least, so far as Chinese cooking is concerned — is Meiwah. Perhaps, if you work downtown, the one at New Hampshire Avenue and M Street may make your lunchtime easier. But sometimes that little extra push for a special […]

Why Should We Care About a Disused Drinking Water Filtration Plant?

We care because the McMillan Park Reservoir Sand Filtration site is truly historic and important to the city’s history. It includes the mid-1880s-built reservoir, the 1905-built sand filtration plant –- DC’s first water treatment facility which was considered state-of-the art at the time — and the extensive park designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr. that […]