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Archive for October, 2013

Prepared for by Jo Ricks / Reporting Period: August 2013

The area covered by these listings is bounded by Rock Creek on the west, Upshur Street on the north, North Capitol Street on the east, and Massachusetts Avenue/M Street on the south. SINGLE FAMILY HOUSES (58) [condo & co-op listings follow]   1920 Belmont Rd. $1,867,000 1501 Caroline St. $700,000 1511 Church St. $1,012,500 625 […]

October 2013 Issue / November issue PDF to post on the 8th

Latvian Embassy, the Barney Studio House, and an Exhibition Celebrating Art Nouveau

To view images full size, left click on each With a delightfully old fashion exhibition –- which was on view through late 2013 — of banners, posters, photographs, and a sample of antique furniture, the Embassy of Latvia  offered in its art space next door to its embassy housed in the historic former Barney Studio House […]

A Portrait of a Marriage: William Hitt and Katherine Elkins, with an Italian Duke Thrown In

By Stephen A. Hansen* William F. Hitt and Katherine Elkins were scions of two powerful and wealthy Washington political families at the turn of the 20th century. They grew up together in Washington. William pursued Katherine for years, and it was assumed by both families that they would eventually marry. They did – twice — […]

Found a Peanut

“The Fruit, which are called by Seamen Earth-Nuts, are brought from Guinea in the Negroes Ships, to feed the Negroes withal in their Voyage from Guinea to Jamaica,” the English physician Hans Sloane observed in the early 18th century. Many commentators assumed that the peculiar nuts carried in the holds of slave ships were African […]

Asparagus: Scents and Non-scents

An early hint of spring, the asparagus shoots break through the soil. The delicate vegetable, a member of the lily family that includes onions, leeks, and other plants, gives us a seasonal joy. Now more widely enjoyed, asparagus was once the province of wealthy and leisured individuals. The Romans were passionate about asparagus. They plucked […]

Historic McMillan Park Site in Bloomingdale Set for Big Development; Neighbors Object to Plan, Seek to Retain and Restore Open Space

Accompanying images can be viewed starting on page 1 of the October 2013 issue PDF. By Mike Persley* One day, early in 1989, Kirby Vining got a knock on his door. Two men, Tony Norman and Darryl Jordan, both residents of the Bloomingdale neighborhood, stood out front and asked “Do you know what the city […]

46th Dupont Circle House Tour to Feature Late 19th and Early to Mid-20th Century Residences

Accompanying images can be viewed in the October 2013 issue PDF    By Ruth Horn* How many of us have walked past the beautiful, grand and often outlandish homes that make up the Dupont Circle neighborhood and thought, “Wow! I wonder what that looks like on the inside?” On the third Sunday of October this year, […]

October PDF now posted; uploading of on-line news reports & features to be completed by Tuesday

Recent Preservation Board Decisions Reflect New Flexibility in Interpreting its Law & Regulations

Accompanying images can be viewed in the current issue PDF By Anthony L. Harvey Recent deliberations of the District’s Historic Preservation Review Board (HPRB) are displaying greater flexibility by the Board in how DC’s historic preservation statutes, regulations, and  guidelines are interpreted, and how issues of aesthetic and visual compatibility in add-on and new construction […]