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Breaking News: ABC Board to Hold Public Hearing May 7th on Adams Morgan Moratorium Proposals

On Wednesday morning, May 7th, between 10 am and 12 noon, the Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Board will receive testimony on two proposals regarding the question of whether to renew for an additional five years, with or without modifications, the Adams Morgan Moratorium Zone –- ANC 1C’s petition to renew the moratorium zone with  certain modifications and the Kalorama Citizens Association’s (KCA) petition to renew with no changes to current restrictions. (The Board extended the existing moratorium to July 12 to allow time to evaluate both proposals.)

Extending approximately 1,400 feet in all directions from the intersection of 18th Street and Belmont Road, NW, the moratorium zone restrictions include the following prohibitions: no new licenses for restaurants, nightclubs, taverns and multipurpose facilities; no more than 10 licenses for taverns and multipurpose facilities; ABC-licensed restaurants may not change license class unless there are fewer than 10 tavern and multipurpose facility licenses issued in the zone; license holders outside the zone may not transfer their licenses to a location within the zone unless it is an off-premise retailer or hotel.