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Prepared for by Jo Ricks, Realtor / Reporting Period: May 2014

SINGLE FAMILY HOUSES (52) [condo & co-op listings follow] 2122 Bancroft Pl. $3,100,000 209 Bates St. $670,000 1922 Belmont Rd. $1,202,524 2446 Belmont Rd. $5,295,000 1922 Calvert St. $1,825,000 410 Elm St. $550,000 2021 Flagler Pl. $650,000 3467 Holmead Pl. $765,000 1705 Irving St. $1,255,000 3805 Kansas Ave. $689,000 1834 Lamont St. $1,150,000 1702 Lanier […]

Stead Park Athletic Field Redevelopment Work Now Underway

In our lead story about Dupont East’s SteadPark major improvements project, we reported that at a recently held community meeting it was announced “that a community session on the planned construction schedule for the athletic playing field would be held within approximately a month, with a hoped-for August ground-breaking” (

July 2014 Issue / August issue PDF to post on the 8th

Restaurant Review ~ Peruvian Brothers / food trucks

Noonday meals have transformed the Washington scene, thanks to the bustling food truck business on numerous city streets. Perhaps restaurant owners lament this incursion on their turf, but judging by the lines at foodie favorites, DCers are celebrating. So which truck, which cuisine to choose? Do yourself a favor and track down one or the […]

What Does the “Washington Post March” Have to Do With the Embassy of Peru?

By Stephen A. Hansen* John Kelley’s June 14, 2014 article in the Washington Post (“Here’s the story behind Sousa’s famous ‘Washington Post March’”) marked the 125th anniversary of the first public performance of what might be considered the city’s very own anthem. But, how does such an American and Washington, DC institution as that march […]

Historic Carnegie Library Redevelopment Planning Underway

Wed., Jul 23 (11am-12:30pm): The National Capital Planning Commission (NCPC), in coordination with Events DC which operates the Convention Center across the street (and is now responsible for the Carnegie Library building also), will be holding a “consultation” meeting -– open to the public — for the proposed redevelopment at the Carnegie on Mt. Vernon […]

15th Annual Mid-City Dog Days Sidewalk Sale Event Announced

Accompanying images can be viewed in the July 2014 issue PDF at page 6 Sat. & Sun. Aug. 2 & 3:) Mark your calendars and get ready for a weekend of local shopping, eating, sipping, listening, and people-watching, filled with special offers and promotions along U Street from 15th to 9th and south on 14th and […]

The “Queen of Spices”: Tasting Cardamom Part 2

Part 1 told the story of cardamom, the ancient aromatic spice, and its place in Indian culture. Well-established in India, the spice also found a home in an especially unlikely location — Scandinavia. Some speculate that the Vikings, who were extensive travelers, transported the aromatic there from Constantinople. In these northern lands, families stock their […]

ABC Board Issues New Rules Modifying & Extending Adams Morgan Liquor License Moratorium by 3 Years

Accompanying images can be viewed in the July 2014 issue PDF By Anthony L. Harvey By a unanimous vote on Wednesday morning July 9th the District’s Alcoholic Beverage Control Board ruled that the existing liquor license moratorium in Adams Morgan was to be extended for three years. In so doing, the Board modified the moratorium […]

Dupont Circle’s Stead Park Athletic Field Redevelopment Soon to Start; Further Plans for Park’s Rehab Endorsed by Neighbors

Accompanying images can be viewed in the July 2014 issue PDF By Anthony L. Harvey Dupont Circle’s only athletic playing field, the somewhat dilapidated “back forty” of the community’s beloved Stead Park, will soon be a sparkling, state-of-the-art park and recreational facility for the Dupont, Logan Circle, and other surrounding neighborhoods if all goes well […]