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Breaking News: ABC Board Issues New Rules Modifying & Extending for 3 Years the Adams Morgan Liquor License Moratorium

By a unanimous vote on Wednesday morning July 9th the District’s Alcoholic Beverage Control Board ruled that the existing liquor license moratorium in Adams Morgan was to be extended for three years. In so doing, the Board modified the moratorium so as to lift the prohibition on new licenses for restaurants serving alcoholic beverages; however, prohibition on the issuance of nightclub licenses and new tavern licenses was maintained, as were other technical provisions in the current moratorium.

By this action, the Board rejected proposed new moratorium provisions that would have prohibited nightclub-style entertainment endorsements, promoters, and pub crawls, asserting that the Board, ABRA (the Board’s regulatory agency), and so-called “settlement agreements” between the ANC, community groups, and directly affected residents and liquor-licensed proprietors — agreements negotiated by such parties and adopted by the ABC Board on a case-by-case basis — could better deal with these matters than through blanket rulemaking.