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Prepared for by Jo Ricks, Realtor / Reporting Period: July 2014

The area covered by these listings is bounded by Rock Creek on the west, Upshur Street on the north, North Capitol Street on the east, and Massachusetts Avenue/M Street on the south. SINGLE FAMILY HOUSES (66) [condo & co-op listings follow] 69 Bates St. $580,000 1949 Biltmore St. $1,800,000 1735 Church St. $1,300,000 1407 Columbia […]

The Fosters: Three Generations of Secretaries of State

By Stephen A. Hansen* John Watson Foster was born in Petersburg, Indiana in 1836. After graduating from Harvard Law School, he served in the Civil War under both Generals Ulysses S. Grant and William Sherman, entering the army as a major and eventually rising to the rank of general. After the war, Foster returned to […]

Restaurant Review ~ El Centro D.F. / 1819 14th St., NW

By recent count, about 50 Mex or Tex-Mex restaurants and food trucks in DC whip up native goodies, from overstuffed burritos and eccentric tacos to Oaxacan-style sautéed grasshoppers. That should tell the average DC foodie that some restaurateurs have tapped into our hidden craving for spicy, well-wrapped food. We love it. But one of the […]

September 2014 Issue PDF

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Push to Bring Olympics to DC Pure Folly

On September 4th The Washington Post reported that 17 local political and business heavy-hitters have formed a group to actively push for the U.S. Olympic Committee to select our city later this winter from a short list of four finalist cities to submit a bid to the International body for hosting the 2014 summer games. […]

Growing Push to Increase Development in Lanier Heights Causes Neighborhood Controversy

Accompanying images can be viewed in the September 2014 issue PDF By P.L. Wolff Six years ago the Kalorama Citizens Association and DC Historic Preservation Office –- a unit of the Office of Planning, commissioned EHT Traceries, Inc. to prepare a report and recommendations on historic preservation for the Lanier Heights sec Concluding this comprehensive, […]

Corcoran’s Takeover by National Gallery & GWU Now Complete; DC Judge’s Ruling in Favor Analyzed

Accompanying images can be viewed in the September 2014 issue PDF By Anthony L. Harvey In a cold and dispassionate four-page legal ruling and an articulate but tortured 48-page memorandum order, Associate Judge Robert Okun, a recent appointee to the DC Superior Court, sounded the death knell on August 18, 2014 to the 145-year-old Corcoran […]

Adams Morgan Residents Participating in Initiative to Plan for the Future

Accompanying images can be viewed in the September 2014 issue PDF By Carol Miller* A survey initiative encouraging the 16,000 residents of Adams Morgan to voice their vision of the future of their neighborhood being conducted by the Envision Adams Morgan Working Group got underway during the first week of September, 2014. “We’re currently in […]

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their contract, the city intends to give this property to the developers, with payback to the city to come in the form of projected tax revenue over 30 years. The city agency charged with this task is the Office of Economic Development headed by the Deputy Mayor for Economic Development (DMPED). The relationship between that […]