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FORUM – continued from September 2014 issue PDF page 3

their contract, the city intends to give this property to the developers, with payback to the city to come in the form of projected tax revenue over 30 years.

The city agency charged with this task is the Office of Economic Development headed by the Deputy Mayor for Economic Development (DMPED). The relationship between that office and the developer is illustrative of a blatant lack of concern for propriety or any semblance of fairness or ethical practice. The person selected to head the real estate office within DMPED is a former vice president of Trammel Crow, the lead developer of the construction cabal, known collectively as VMP.

Fearing that the politically aware and active community would once more rise up in opposition to the overreaching plans of the developers, the city, acting through DMPED and in collusion with the developers — against the will of the community — conspired to defeat and deflect the expected community resistance to their plans. Working to build a community consensus is a legitimate activity. However, providing “cover for local politicians,” and maligning opposing community groups, as described in their plan, is not. Their strategic plan calls for them to “discredit the opposition,” and position legitimate community opposition as, “outside agitators.” This, paid for by our tax dollars!

The nature and depth of this conspiracy is documented in sworn testimony before the DC Zoning Commission; that testimony is supported by copies of documents obtained through Freedom of Information Act (FOI) procedures and from posting on open websites are also referenced.

The avowed purpose of this collusive strategy is, as they stated, to “neutralize community opposition by characterizing the members of any opposition group as outsiders and interlopers and to provide ‘continuous political cover,’ for local politicians who support them.”

The conspirators hired a Baltimore public relations agency, The Fontaine Group, to plan and implement a misinformation campaign against the legitimate rights and concerns of the community and its citizens. As noted, we have complete documentation of these allegations and issues of fact. In testimony before a City Council hearing on DMPED oversight, the (then) Director of Real Estate Development for the city, Jeffrey Miller, who was subsequently promoted to the position of Deputy Mayor for Economic Development, was asked if city funds were used to perpetrate this disinformation campaign. In response, he boldly lied by denying any involvement of city funds, a fact he knew to be untrue since he had personally signed the authorization to pay the Fontaine organization which had been contracted to mislead the public.

We, the citizen’s of The District of Columbia are the masters of our public assets; the Mayor, City Council, and indeed all elected officials, are our administrators. Acting for the Mayor, the Deputy Mayor for Economic Development, an administrator — a steward of our public trust — used our own tax dollars to pay for outside mercenary agitators to neutralize legitimate citizen opposition. The servants and stewards have conspired against the masters, the citizens. This is nothing short of mutiny and betrayal of the public trust.

What is described above is the consequence of a perverse system that suborns our elected officials and turns them to into criminals and felons (as previously mentioned, three out of the 13 council members and scores of staff are already convicted felons); they are suborned by the twin evils of money and power. At this point the Wilson Building is essentially a den of thieves. We cannot and should not abide this!

NOTE: The above referenced facts and information were uncovered by a team of citizen investigators and members of the affected community’s known collectively as The Friends of McMillan Park (, a non-profit grass roots community organization. The foregoing represents my personal opinion and is not necessarily the opinion of The Friends of McMillan Park.

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