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We Do Not Like That Trump Has Dumped on DC Residents Also

As our readers know, we do not report on nor even write editorials about politics, political campaigns or related topics outside of DC, not even in the Virginia or Maryland suburbs and certainly not farther afield. So, it will not be unexpected that there will be some readers who, when noting our headline, will wonder why we are commenting on the campaign of a presidential candidate who has outraged millions of people by mouthing off with a series of despicable remarks about the less fortunate among us. After all, we didn’t editorialize during the 2012 campaign cycle about the awful things some senatorial candidates had to say about certain classes of people.

The difference now is that businessman Trump has recently become a big player in our city’s economic development arena and as his major Old Post Office “Trump” hotel project comes to fruition, by extension, he will undoubtedly become a local political player like other big developers and –- especially since he is not shy about throwing his weight around –- we can certainly expect that he will seek to inject himself into all sorts of municipal affairs and thereby attempt to influence political outcomes and policy directions. That’s his way.

Our antipathy toward Trump worming –- or, more accurately, bulldozing –- his way into DC affairs has been much heightened by the awful things he has had to say about not just Mexicans, but the peoples of Central and South America; he has even broadened his condemnation of non-U.S. citizens to populations around the globe.

Given that our city is home to vast numbers of immigrants –- those on their way to full citizenship as well as those who are now proud citizens -– not to say anything about DC citizens who have family members still living in those countries that he views as cesspools of humanity, how can we welcome into our midst such a deplorable bigot?

We should not welcome him even though we may have to tolerate him because of his contract with the General Services Administration to take over the historic Old Post Office building –- in fairness, a contract entered into long before any of this disgusting stuff could have even been imagined.

There is a good, solid reason why so many major corporations and organizations have cut ties with him. Yes, for good business reasons but also because of just plain disgust that this blowhard not only made no effort to apologize but has continued on and on expanding on his hateful notions about the “others” (our word) and then announcing he will sue, sue, sue.

He even, through his son, has announced that our internationally esteemed local restaurateur José Andrés (think Jaleo, Zaytinya) will be sued following his announcement that he will pull out of his deal with Trump to open and operate a high-end restaurant in the hotel. (Why any sensible hotelier would sue to keep a restaurateur who so loathes the hotel owner is a mystery to us –- doesn’t seem likely that an unhappy restaurant owner and staff would be an asset to a hotel operation.)

Clearly, Andrés’ reason for his action is compelling, and we applaud him for it: “Donald Trump’s recent statements disparaging immigrants make it impossible for my company and I to move forward with opening a successful Spanish restaurant in Trump International’s upcoming hotel in Washington, D.C. More than half of my team is Hispanic, as are many of our guests. And, as a proud Spanish immigrant and recently naturalized American citizen myself, I believe that every human being deserves respect, regardless of immigration status.”

As we think ahead to the day when this hotel opens we are certain that The Donald will pull out all the stops with opening galas and “insider” soirées, lavish receptions and public glad-handing with DC politicians and officials.

Our message to the DC politicians and officials: Don’t even think about attending; that man should be ostracized. If DC politicians and officials are seen eating out of his hand, figuratively or even patronizing his premises, that will send a terrible message that will be understood, we think properly so, as condoning Trump’s hatefulness. We will be watching how things unfold inside and outside the Wilson Building in this regard.