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The Pepco-Exelon Pay to Play Deal is the Real Deal

YES! There is pay to play all the way down the line here. And worse. Seems like bribery. And worse. The Mayor hires the Public Service Commission (PSC) and the head of the Office of Peoples’ Counsel (OPC). How can this NOT be a conflict of interest? They want their jobs just like the people at Pepco Holdings, Inc. (PHI) want and need theirs.

The $25 million payment for essentially a street sign.

The extortion, more or less, of the dozens of nonprofits across the city for their support, along with the “special project” that the General Services Administration (GSA) suddenly decided would come with the merger — and the they suddenly back off their demands for an investigation.

It doesn’t stop. This entire deal is ALL bribery. The people (big names) endorsing the deal have money in the pot.

It is just rife with corruption. The problem is, the people of the District of Columbia are being duped. A $50 credit and a few promises (mostly with zero accountability) is small potatoes. Exelon will roll into DC with, figuratively, tanks. Pepco will disappear in all but name.

Many loyal PHI employees in DC will lose their jobs. Good people. For what? — to pay for the $25 million street sign and all the other bribes. The testimony is full of un-truths by Exelon. If you get near this you see the whole deal stinks. Oh, well. Everyone has their price, and they evidently have found it for everyone.

[submitted by Susie Smith]