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Our Reporter Responds – continued from page 4

and a reduction in the number of hotel rooms to address Micheline  Klagsbrun’s demands for more space. This was reviewed in some detail at the last zoning commission hearing. Other details included the level of relocation support as well as building access during some parts of construction.

I did in fact put in a call to Chris Otten over Memorial Day weekend about McMillan Reservoir and other matters; I left a voice mail message but he did not return my call.

The zoning commissioners noted that they could not discern who represented the artists and that artists who were to testify did not show up. There was a discussion about who exactly Otten represented, same with Klagsbrun; neither responded.

Otten and others have repeatedly accused the developers and city officials of not caring about or even acknowledging the idea of preserving artists space in the city. Commissioner Marcy Cohen addressed this when she asked if this was such a concern, then where was Otten and the artists when their concerns could be addressed.

Otten and Klagsbrun repeatedly accused the developers of holding on to material they were to share with the artists until the last minute so the artists would not have time for a thorough analysis . These were responses to Otten’s charge that seeking concessions never happened.

At the zoning commission’s meeting in late May a group of artists showed up with signs and making all kinds of accusations not pertinent to the subject at hand, instead seemingly to make a policy argument about development in DC generally.

William G. Schulz