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A Reader Comments on Our December 2016 Editorial Praising DC Appeals Court McMillan Park Ruling

As always, I commend you and your fine newspaper for the intrepid and curageous opposition to the largest land grab since Manhattan Island. There are, however a few points, we believe, worthy of noting.

(1) The three issues addressed by the Superior Court were not simply “remanded” as stated; remand means make correction and rephrase, meaning not only remanded but also vacated” — essentially meaning not to use the argument again but to start over, vacate being a more restrictive nagetive.

(2) The decision by the appelate judge panel was unanimous, making a reconsideration of the verdict unlikely.

(3) Finally, you referenced only FOM in your editorial.  In fact there were 3 equal appelants:  FOM; DC For Reasonable Development; McMillan Coalition for Sustainable Agriculture which is planning to develop and present an alternative adaptive use proposal that will, unlike the VMP monstrosity,  be in total compliance with the federal covenants. Each of the three filed briefs on the topic and points from all three were addressed by the Judges both in court and in the final ruling.

[Submitted by Bloomingdale neighborhood resident Jerome Peloquin &President of the Family Fish Farms Network, Inc.]