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A Reader Takes Exception to How we Addressed our Concern About Treatment of Undocumented Persons

“as abhorrent as it will be for us all”

Please speak for yourself. I for one do not support the mayor’s stated intent to assist lawbreakers in continuing to break the law.

There’s a reason we have immigration policies – including to ensure our American labor force doesn’t face unfair competition by people so desperate to get a foothold in our country that they are willing to work long hours at slave wages and with no benefits. Yes, the captains of industry love having this cheap labor with which to line their pockets. Our mayor, councilmembers, and you should be less happy to see your existing constituencies lose their jobs and opportunity for jobs to this cheap slave labor. You also shouldn’t be cheering on the exploitation of illegal immigrants.

Or did you just never think it through what it really means to let third world labor in at levels that threaten the very source of livelihood of your readers?

Immigration controls exist to ensure new foreign born labor can come in at a rate that doesn’t flood the labor supply (and drive down wages) and is assured that legal immigrants are offered all the legal hard won basic labor benefits such as the 40 hour work week and holiday time.

Enforcing immigrants law is a win win for everyone … except maybe the captains of industry. Competition in the labor market remains at a healthy level, without wage suppression, and no one gets exploited. The mayor, the councilmembers, and you should be rejoicing at and supporting any and all efforts to better enforce our immigration laws.

At a minimum you should not be assuming we all think that protecting existing workers from unfair competition and stopping the exploitation of illegal immigrants is ‘abhorrent’. It’s not. It’s the decent thing to do. But maybe you really didn’t think this through?

[submitted 2/19/17 by email from Duponter]