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Dupont Circle ANC Commissioner Speaks Out on Censure of Fellow Commissioner

By William G. Schulz*

Dupont Circle ANC 2B Commissioner Daniel Warwick — who was traveling in China — responded to questions posed by The InTowner in the wake of an opinion issued by the DC Office of the Attorney General, which, as we previously reported, <> declared null and void the ANC’s censoring of Commissioner Nick Delledonne.

Warwick and ANC 2B Commission Chair Nicole McEntee engineered the censure vote at the commission’s September 13, 2017 meeting.

Until now, Warwick and other commissioners had not responded to The InTowner’s requests for comment about the censure motion, which was passed by majority vote.

Although he did not respond to all of our questions, he did provide the following answers which we are publishing here, verbatim:

InTowner: Do you see the OAG opinion as having any validity or requiring any action on the part of you and other commissioners who voted for the censure resolution? For example, are you required to reverse the censure?

Warwick: “Due to the ANC’s unique role in the DC government (part of the legislative branch rather than the executive branch), OAG Advisory Opinions are advisory in nature. There is no required action for an ANC after any sort of guidance from any part of the DC government similar to how there are no requirements for the DC Council to change things based on OAG opinions. Whether it is advisable to do anything is a different story. I would be fine for any of the impact of the censure to be considered null and void — primarily because censures typically do not come with any tangible impacts other than removing members from committee memberships. Of course, the ANC does not operate with a closed committee structure so Nick has been able to participate as fully as any other ANC Commissioner on our committees since the censure.”

InTowner: Have you reached out to the OAG for any clarification?

Warwick: “I have not.”

InTowner: Could you have taken another path to address Delledonne’s alleged behavior? Did you and fellow commissioners discuss what other avenues might be open to you?

Warwick: “Previously to the censure resolution I [had] emailed and met directly with Nick regarding his actions and standards of decorum which led to the censure resolution. They seemed to be ineffective which left the Commission with a censure resolution as a way to show him and the community that certain behaviors such as shouting down members of the public at public meetings were (and remain to be) unacceptable.”

Commissioners Reverse Censure Action

Just as we were preparing to publish our January issue pdf, the following news release was received:

“Dupont Circle ANC 2B [has] rescinded its September 13 resolution of censure against Commissioner Nick DelleDonne 2B-04.

“Commissioner Scott Davies 2B-09, moved the rescission resolution, a turnaround from his introduction of the censure motion last year. DelleDonne thanked Davies particularly for his leadership and character in proposing the reversal. The vote was 8-1 to rescind.

“The resolution was accompanied by remarks from Commissioner Mike Silverstein about bringing the commission together to repair a self-inflicted wound and by remarks from DelleDonne in appreciation of what the commission was willing to undertake. “I am happy to express regret if I inadvertently offended anyone.” The public in attendance, many of who had worked to bring the ANC together, welcomed the comments with applause.

“Former ANC 2B Chair Ramon Estrada asked that the rescission be linked to the September censure in any announcements including the ANC website, so that anyone now or in the future searching the website would find the censure and the rescission together, thus safeguarding “DelleDonne’s good name. Silverstein introduced and Davies seconded such a motion and it passed 8-1.

“The January ANC meeting also saw the election of new officers. Daniel Warwick, formerly vice chair, was elected chair. Amy Johnson was elected vice chair. Nicole McEntee (née Mann), formerly chair, was elected secretary. Stephanie Maltz was reelected treasurer.”

*Associate Editor William G. Schulz, a resident of Dupont Circle since the 1980s, has been a journalist specializing in science and investigative reporting for over 30 years.

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