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April 2018 Issue PDF

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Restaurant & Bar Workers to be Hurt if “Tipped Wage” System Eliminated

Just so that we are, to use the common expression, all on the same page, we need first to set the record straight: Servers employed in restaurants, bars, and other food and drink establishments who derive their income largely through tips and not by actual employer-paid wages of at least the minimum wage are not […]

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Mayor’s Agent Ruling in McMillan Case Seen as Setback ~ continued from April 2018 issue pdf page 1

Byrne’s ruling is a big win for Mayor Bowser and other city officials who have worked tirelessly to see the McMillan site redeveloped according to the elaborate plans of Vision McMillan Partners (VMP) that would drastically alter both the site and surrounding neighborhoods. It is part of the city’s response to a DC Court of […]

Mid-City Artists ~ continued from April 2018 issue pdf page 1

Our group show at the White Cloud Gallery every weekend during May will feature 10 of our member artists –- Betto Ortiz, Chuck Baxter, Indira Dingledine, Jane Cave, Lucinda Murphy, Miguel Perez Lem, Marie Ringwald, Michael Crossett, Regina Miele, and myself. Curating an exhibition in which each artist has a completely different style and perspective […]