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Bikes and Scooters ~ continued from page 1

is not enforcing laws on the books that say cyclists and scooter riders must obey the same traffic laws as automobile drivers. Elderly and disabled people and those with small children and dogs face particular dangers from the increasingly wanton behavior of the two-wheelers buzzing about the neighborhoods. Third District Police Commander Stuart Emerman told […]

Green Spaces ~ continued from page 1

That’s because the HPO report showing the landmark’s boundaries on its second page could upend Perseus’ subdivision of the property, which they say is necessary to build the apartment building as currently designed. And it is designed, in large measure, to contain as many apartments as possible that will generate as much income as possible […]

St. Thomas’ Parish Has its New Church ~ continued from page 1

Contrary to what Dupont residents seemingly understood, the new building facing 18th Street was designed by Georgetown-based architectural collaborative Hickok Cole to accommodate the parish’s worship and community outreach and service spaces exclusively. The main entrance from 18th street opens directly into the first floor Common Room in which are installed parts of the saved […]