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December 2 ~ DDOT’s 20,000 New Scooters Allowable Proposal to be Aired at Dupont Citizens Ass’n. Meeting

Mon., Dec. 2nd (7:30pm):The Dupont East Civic Action Association (DECAA) has circulated to its members, subscribers to the Dupont Circle listserv, and others the following message: “ A storm of controversy arose recently at the proposed introduction of 20,000 scooters into DC and other transportation issues, and Jeff Marootian, Director of DC’s Department of Transportation (DDOT), is at its center. Marootian [will be] a guest speaker. . . .” The meeting, open to all, will be held at the International Student House, 1825 R Street, NW.

Continuing, DECAA’s statement noted that it has “been outspoken in the formulation DC policy on bike and pedestrian safety, with the formation of our Transportation Safety Committee and giving testimony at the recent Council hearings. This will be a chance to raise questions face to face and get some answers. With a day of testimony on the injury and loss of loved ones, DECAA urged the city to require the wearing of helmets. Many have said we need enforcement of regulations, beginning with licensing, registration and insurance requirements. The younger generation is avoiding buying cars and taking driver education classes. We say we need a robust public training program to acquaint riders with the rules of the road.  Marootian resists these changes.[Emphasis supplied.] He wants the bike and scooter manufacturers to provide education and he wants us to report accidents on 311. Meanwhile he is moving ahead with a plan for 20,000 scooters by June.

Note: For those who have not given much thought to the problem, we call attention to our June editorial, “Scooters Need to be Reined in Council Must Act.”