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ANC Commissioners Rebuked, Fined by Campaign Finance Office for Violations

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By William G. Schulz

While six ANC 2B Commissioners have been ordered to ethics training and fined a collective $4,000 by DC’s Office of Campaign Finance (OCF), on January 2nd, yet another allegation of misusing government resources to support a political campaign has been levied against some of them by ANC 2B09 Commissioner, Ed Hanlon.

Filing of Hanlon’s new complaint to the OCF could not be independently confirmed by The InTowner. He did post a letter of complaint addressed to the agency on his “HearUsNow” Google group forum.

Hanlon’s second campaign-finance allegation against ANC 2B Chair Daniel Warwick and other fellow commissioners occurs during the 10-day response period for the December 17, 2019, OCF order. Warwick has indicated to The InTowner that he will appeal.

The first complaint, as reported in Septemberr by The InTowner, involved use of ANC 2B’s twitter account to promote Ward 2 City Council candidate Patrick J. Kennedy at the 17th Street Festival this past August. The new complaint alleges much the same misconduct — linking to Kennedy’s campaign page via the ANC 2B twitter account which is owned and maintained as a DC government resource.

The OCF order marks the first time in more than 20 years that an ANC has been found in violation of campaign finance rules, Hanlon says. It is yet another instance of Chair Warwick’s decisions and actions being overturned or deemed illegal by city officials.

For example, Warwick, on Dec. 10, 2019, was ordered by the DC Attorney General to allow videotaping of ANC meetings by third parties as contracted by and paid for from the personal funds of a fellow commissioner

The commissioner in this instance was Hanlon, who said he then planned to distribute the video recording in his personal capacity and not as an official ANC 2B action.

Warwick, in September 2019, told Hanlon he would need a legal opinion before allowing such third-party videotaping of ANC 2B meetings.

Warwick got his answer.

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