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Coronavirus Updates & Information from DC Government, Metro & Other Sources

For the latest infection data and for advisories focused on mayoral & agency directives and policy decisions affecting restaurants, bars, etc. and other retail & service business closures, DC city services adjustments & reductions, see below. (Prior reports & directives can also be found by visiting Also included below are Metro service reductions and information from other sources. (For an historical perspective we call attention to our What Once Was feature story in the October 2018 issue about the 1918-’19 Spanish Influenza epidemic and its impact on Washington.)

As of Monday morning, April 13th reporting, DC’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) there were 80 new positive cases bringing the District’s overall positive case total now to 1,955; the newly remormatted reporting document does not show any new death in the past 24 hours nor does it confirm that the total number remains at 50. To view data reporting sorted by age, gender, and by number of cases by ward  — click here to see).


More Metro Service Reductions Announced

Effective Monday morning, April 6th, Metro further reduced rail & bus service, stating that the “decision to end service earlier reflects a significant drop-off in ridership since Metro began asking riders to limit use of the system to ‘essential trips only’ to enhance safety for employees and individuals who must travel during the COVID-19 public health emergency.” This action has been taken consistent with the stay-at-home orders of DC’s mayor and the Maryland and Virginia governors.


■ Mon.-Fri. 5am–9pm: every 20 min. (except 15 min. on Red Line);
■ Sat.-Sun. 8am-9pm: every 30 min. (except 20 min. on Red Line);
■ The 19 rail stations listed as closed in our March 26th Metro report below continue to be closed and with no alternate transportation provided;
■ Each train’s first and last cars are out of service to protect train operators.


■ Mon.-Fri.: modified Sunday schedule in effect with no service after 11pm (consult to check weekday bus routes to make sure your bus is running);
■ Sat.-Sun.: service every 30 min. on 27 routes only with no service on other weekend routes(consult weekend routes before traveling);
■ MetroAccess: All subscription trips remain canceled with only the most essential trips to be provided..


As reported on the afternoon of April 2nd by District Links, “[a] coalition of 30-plus community groups is urging DC officials to step up relief efforts for DC residents affected by the coronavirus pandemic and the economic fallout. To read the 8-page letter click here.


Effective 12.01 Wednesday, April 1st, all residents and visitors will be subject to an enforceable stay at home Order mandating that people may only leave their residences to:

■ “Engage in essential activities, including obtaining medical care that cannot be provided through telehealth and obtaining food and essential household goods;
■ “Perform or access essential governmental functions;
■ “Work at essential businesses;
■ “Engage in essential travel; or
■ “Engage in allowable recreational activities, as defined by the Mayor’ s Order.” [Ed. Note: this & other detailed explanations of all elements covered by the Order can be found by clicking here.]

Violation is a misdemeanor: “Any individual who willfully violates the stay-at-home order may be guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction, subject to a fine not exceeding $5,000, imprisonment for not more than 90 days, or both.” [Ed. Note: Notwithstanding the inclusion of this warning, during the afternoon of March 31st, The InTowner learned from a source with MPD connections that officers have been instructed not to stop persons, demand ID, or engage in other actions related to enforcement.]


“D.C. leaders fear an outbreak that cripples the country”
“The nation’s capital — with its hundreds of thousands of workers responsible for running the nation’s coronavirus response — is about to get socked.” Click here to read the full POLITICO report.