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Alonso Berruguete: First Sculptor of Renaissance Spain

Accompanying images can be viewed starting on page 5 of the January 2020 issue pdf By Joseph R. Phelan* This has been the season for Renaissance art with exhibitions of works by three sculptors rarely, if ever, visiting our shores. “Alonso Berruguete: First Sculptor of Renaissance Spain” (through February 17, 2020) joined the now closed […]

Verrocchio Sculptor and Painter of Renaissance Florence

Accompanying images can be viewed starting on page 5 of the October 2019 issue pdf By Joseph R. Phelan* You’ll come face to face with Lorenzo the Magnificent and his brother Giuliano in all their grandezza and a (possible) teenage Leonardo da Vinci when visiting the National Gallery of Art (through January 12, 2020). The […]

“Adoration of the Shepherds” by Giorgione at the National Gallery of Art

Joseph R. Phelan* One of the most delightful things to do around the holidays is to visit an art museum and look at a few of the paintings that tell the stories we commemorate on these days. Over the past 20 years, I’ve enjoyed taking such tours. In my experience, by far the most popular […]

Q and A with a Contemporary Sculptor: Nooni Reatig  

By Joseph R. Phelan* Recently, I visited the Japan Information and Culture Center a few block below Dupont Circle to see the exhibition “In[CREASE]: An Exploration in the Language of Folding.” A selection of recent work by the Washington-based sculptor and architect Nooni Reatig (b.1980) can be seen there through December 20th. I met up with […]

Scena Stages a Daring Adventure with Sea

By William G. Schulz If you’re in the mood for theater that’s a little more experimental, check out Scena’s production of Sea by Norwegian playwright John Fossee, the most performed living writer in Europe and 2010 winner of the International Ibsen Award.   As the play opens, we meet first The Shipmaster, then a Guitar […]

Blue Camp — A Searing Re-examination of the Power of Coming Out

 By William G. Schulz The power of coming out — the revolutionary act of gay people, one by one, no longer hiding who they are and who they love — receives fresh and compelling re-examination in this play, an original production by DC’s Rainbow  theater Project. Written by Tim Caggiano and Jack Calvin Hanna, and […]

A Smart Satire for the Age of the Smartphone

By William G. Schulz If you are fed up with Facebook, log off for a few hours and head over to GALA Theatre in Columbia Heights for a rollicking evening of analog entertainment in the form of La Foto: A Selfie Affair. This deeply funny, social media satire — set in present-day Miami — takes […]

Canaletto and the Art of Venice: Exhibition on Screen

By Joseph R. Phelan* Last month in these pages, I interviewed Phil Grabsky, the filmmaker behind the “Exhibition on Screen” series of documentaries shown in movie theaters around the world. Based upon landmark art exhibitions, the latest season opens with “Canaletto and the Art of Venice,” a high-definition celebration of one of the most beautiful […]

An Interview with Phil Grabsky About his “EXHIBITION ON SCREEN”™ Project

By Joseph R. Phelan* InTowner: Why do you make art films? Grabsky: I love making films, and have been making films for TV and cinema for over 30 years. Many of those have been films about art in one way or another because the stories are so fantastic, the visuals obviously so powerful and, importantly, […]

Raphael: The Lord of Art

To view images full size, left click on each  By Joseph R. Phelan* Along with Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo, Raphael Sanzio (1483-1520) is one of the “big three” artists of the Italian High Renaissance, that fascinating period from 1500 to 1525 when artistic giants walked the earth. Though present day audiences may prefer the […]