Chiefs acquiring WR Kadarius Toney from Giants in trade


Chiefs acquiring WR Kadarius Toney from Giants in trade: National Football League is one of the biggest football tournaments. There were rumours that the Giants and Chiefs have been trading for a long time. However, both teams did not confirm it at that time. And now on 27th October 2022 (Thursday), it has become official that the New York Giants and Kansas City Chiefs are trading.

The Giants are trading one of their best wide receivers i.e., WR Kadarius Toney in return for 3rd Round Compensatory and 6th Round picks. Toney has got a hamstring injury this season. Due to this, he has not played any games in the last two weeks. The 23-year-old player has been the talk of the trade because of his unimpressive tenure in New York City.

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Chiefs acquiring WR Kadarius Toney from Giants in trade

The reporters also asked the coach of the New York Giants, Brain Daboll about the trade. There he told the reporters that According to them, the trade is for the best. The injuries might have slowed down the game of Toney’s but he still showed consistently in his college situated at the University of Florida. in exchange for Toney, the Giants are getting 3rd Round Compensatory and 6th Round picks for 2023 choices. The player has a run-after-catch capability which we will be able to see soon if all goes well with him.

Currently, the Chiefs are in the number-one position in American Football League and in the second position in National Football Conference. It will be exciting to watch how the team will be using the player’s deep-threat and speed-threat capabilities for the win. Toney is the player who can stand anywhere on the field and still can take the team to the win. It is considered that the Toney will be better with the Chiefs. The player has been signed till the 2024 season and he can also be kept on rookie till 2023 by the 5th-year option. Due to the injury, we will not be able to see the player on the field for some more time.

WR Kadarius Toney’s Career

Let’s have look at Toney’s career history. Toney was welcomed by the Giants in 2021. In such a short span of time, his journey was full of up and down. The player has several injuries including his current injury on both of his hamstrings. As a result, his career has extended to 12 games only. Till now, he has had 41 receptions for 420 yards. He achieved a major amount of these receptions last year. He played against the Cowboys in Week 5 and there he caught a total of 10 balls for 189 yards. That game was one of the best in his career.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is acquiring the Giant’s player WR Kadarius Toney?

Kansas City Chiefs are acquiring WR Kadarius Toney through the trade.

How much money is the Giants saving through this trade?

The Giants are saving around $5 MM through this and also the salary of the player

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