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Readership & Demographics

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Our Readers

68% Between the ages of 20 and 45; 65% are single

61% Men; 39% Women

52% With household incomes of $100,000 or more

58% Own their own homes (of these, 52% condo/co-op and 48% houses)

59% Go on vacation trips three or more times a year;

67% Eat out 30 or more times per month

25% Live outside our reader service area (including the suburbs)

How The InTowner is Rated & Used

75% Believe The InTowner is a good-to-excellent source for finding goods and services

92% Rate The InTowner as a good-to-excellent source for neighborhood news; 87% give it an overall rating of good-to-excellent

83% Will look at more than half of the pages of an issue

61% Will have read four out of four issues; 58% will look at the current issue two to four times

A note on the validity of the sample.

The remarkable stability in summary statistics witnessed during three survey cycles conducted over the past 30 years suggest survey respondents are representative of InTowner readers. Thus, characteristics of this sample can be considered as indicators of readership characteristics as a whole.

…In short, The InTowner reaches the people who look for and use goods and services in our community, making The InTowner an excellent investment for your advertising dollars. And — your ad gets 30 days’ exposure time as well as substantial multiple exposures during any given monthly publication period!